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Can Drinking Beer Lead to Gout?

April 29, 2013 by Mayank.

Gout refers to a very painful inflammatory arthritis condition experienced by very many people, and is more common in men than women. This condition is characteristic of severe pain that develops suddenly coupled with the swelling of body joints. For a long time now, there has been a lot of speculation that alcohol is one of the main causes that leads to the development of this painful condition. Even with all this, there is still a lot of uncertainty amongst many people as to whether drinking beer can lead to development of gout? Following is a detailed overview to help explain the truth in the claim that if drinking beer can lead to gout.

Alcohol and gout [how are they related]

The body is known to react to any build up of uric acid within the body especially in the joints. Alcohol on the other hand serves as the main source of uric acid that builds up within the body. Good news is, researchers have been successful in illuminating a couple of ways in which drinking alcohol relates to increasing your risk of suffering from gout. These include the fact that:

i. Consumption of alcohol has been found to significantly impede the removal of uric acid from within the body. This being the case, alcohol within the system ends up being metabolized turning into lactic acid. This lactic acid ends up competing with uric acid to be eliminated in the kidney through urine. Overtime, significant amounts of uric acid end up remaining in the body.

ii. Alcohol intake has also been found to significantly increase the amount of ATP that ends up being converted into AMP which forms a perfect foundation for accumulation of uric acid in the body leading to development of gout.

Note: It has also been found out that even taking a single alcoholic beverage a day increases your risk of suffering from gout. Do not forget the risk of suffering from gout continues to increase as the number of alcoholic drinks consumed on a daily basis grow.

What is the likelihood of beer causing gout?

Findings from research indicate that:

i. Those who consume alcohol are 2.5 times more at risk of suffering from gout compared to non drinkers.
ii. Wine was not in any way linked to increasing the risk of suffering from gout Research findings also revealed that a few constituent ingredients in beer such as purines also significantly increased the risk of suffering from gout. Interesting thing is that a few other researchers strongly felt that the likelihood of suffering from gout as a result of drinking is mostly associated with lifestyle. This simply means that heavy drinkers are more likely to suffer from gout as already mentioned compared to those who simply take wine.

Bottom line

The best thing you can do in case you are concerned about gout is to switch to a healthy exercise plan and diet which will help improve your health. Refrain from taking alcoholic beverages and most importantly if you have to drink, do not let your drinking compromise your health diet or exercise plan. Unfortunately, if you are already a victim of gout and you are looking for a solution to counter the pain then it is advisable that you try natural supplements since they serve as a guarantee to keep uric acid at bay.

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